Witt Machine Mod-1 Ultra Compact Suppressor


Current Form 3 is a 2-4 Weeks Lead Time (manufacturer of suppressor til it ships to your FFL)

Follow these steps if you’re ordering a Suppressor:

Once the suppressor is ordered/payment made online you’ll need to find a local Class III dealer that you’d like to work with for your transfer (it will be mailed to them).

Once you choose a dealer, please have them send a copy of their FFL & SOT to this email address (with your name/order# in the subject line). If your dealer needs this request to come from us, just let us know.

Once we receive copies of your dealer’s licenses we can move forward and submit the Form 3 paperwork to the ATF.  Upon approval we will mail your suppressor to your dealer.  All tax stamp (Form 4) paperwork is handled through your dealer.

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Witt Machine has heard your call for a QD option for our popular Ultra Compact Suppressors. So they proudly offer The Mod-1 line up. The Mod-1 is a modification of our extremely durable Ultra Compact Suppressor line up. Like their predecessors, the Mod-1 line up is rated for magnum hunting calibers like 375 H&H or 338RUM. The Mod-1 line up has improved thermal dispersion, thicker wear surfaces and can be configured to fit any aftermarket QD set up with 1.375-24 threads. Each Mod-1 suppressor will ship assembled with a Rearden Manufacturing Atlas (HT) ASR threaded mount and SPB (HT) Muzzle Device.


– 1 5/8″ Diameter

– 5 ¼” Long

– NO BLOWBACK through the charging handle

– Made from 416 Stainless

– No Barrel Restriction

– Full Auto Rated

– Cerakote High Temp Black

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Thread Pitch

1/2" x 28, 5/8-24