Sinterfire 300 AAC Blackout Ammunition 110gr Frangible Defensive 1000rd Loose Case


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1000rd Loose Case

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When you need something with more umph , the 300 AAC Blackout is perfect for you. Whether you are looking for something to take down big game with, compete in a shooting match, or defend your family from any threat, this round is perfect for you with its increased range, much higher power, and incredible performance. Changing your AR to 300 Blackout is as easy as getting a new upper receiver! This frangible ammo is PERFECT for home defense, with over-penetration not being an issue with frangible ammo!

SinterFire is one of the most famous companies on the market in lead free, frangible ammunition. With their incredible innovation, you have everything you need to get some quality range time without damaging expensive steel targets, and are also a great option for use in 3-gun matches. These SinterFire Reduced Hazard, 110 grain, frangible, brass cased, boxer primed rounds fire with incredible accuracy and are perfect for all your indoor and outdoor range training, and are even accurate enough to be used in your next shooting match.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sinterfire has notified us that using Magpul PMAG GEN M2 5.56 magazines (MAG571) with this ammunition leads to feeding malfunctions after running thousands of rounds through multiple platforms to recreate the issues customers have described. The Magpul PMAG 30 AR 300 B Gen M3 magazines are optimized for 300 AAC Blackout do not cause these feeding malfunctions after extensive testing.

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