OMPC SS109 62gr 5.56 800rd Ammo Can



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OMPC SS109 800 CAN: OMPC 5.56×45 Nato 800 Round Can: This new production 5.56 Nato M855/SS109 designation ammunition was produced in the middle eastern country of Oman by the Oman Munitions Production Company. It is manufactured to NATO Spec as military issue rifle ammo and will feed and function flawlessly in all standard 5.56 caliber handguns, and rifles.

This high-quality brass-cased, full metal jacket ammo features a 62-grain steel core “penetrator ” projectile. The steel shank at the core of the bullet makes it stabilize exceptionally well in flight creating extreme accuracy. This ammunition is boxer primed with a lacquer-sealed primer to prevent moisture and ensure long life. It is non-corrosive and fully reloadable. OMPC ammunition is manufactured using all new components and materials in one of the most modern ISO-certified ammunition plants in the world. Because of the exacting standards used in the production process, this ammo is extremely consistent and highly accurate while generating a velocity of 3000 FPS.

Please note that although this is true SS109 designation 62-grain steel core ammo, it Does Not feature the green paint on the bullet tips which is sometimes associated with SS109 ammo. We are told that this lot was originally made for the Oman military and since they only use SS109 there is no need to distinguish it from any other round by adding the green paint to the tip.  If the lack of a green tip is a deal-breaker then do not order. Same great SS109 Ammo and performance, just no green tip.  Ammo ships in a new 50 caliber steel ammo can as seen in the images. It comes packaged in 20 round boxes, with 40 boxes per 800 round ammo can.

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