Lake City 5.56 M855 62gr 210rd “Battle Rattle”


Manufacturer: Lake City

Caliber: 5.56×45 NATO

Grain: 62 grain

Projectile Type: 62 grain ss109 L.A.P.

Case Type: Brass

Reloadable: Yes

Rounds Per Case: 1,000

Velocity: 3,020 FPS for M855

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Pick your poison from the very same ammo manufacturer that loaded the round(s) that killed Bin Laden himself! Loaded to the highest of standards, these 210rd Battle Gift Boxes are THE PERFECT gift for that local warlord in your life!

Each Battle Rattle Gift Box contains 210rd of either 55gr M193 ball (perfect for training) or of M855 62gr L.A.P

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