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During development of the A-10 5.56, AB Suppressor recognized this new suppressor was going to be unlike anything the market had seen before. Like its name suggested, the background of the A-10 5.56 suppressor started off very similar to the A-10 jet. AB engineers reviewed the most common firearm hosts used by today’s Military, Law enforcement, and Sportsman. Upon review AB, designed a suppressor for the host rather than focusing on the calibers alone.

Through intensive R&D and some OCD perfectionism. AB engineered the A-10 5.56 which boasts the ultimate in durability, maneuverability, sound mitigation, and flash signature reduction.

The A-10 5.56 is available is in a 7.62 configuration and 5.56 configuration. The A-10 5.56 is AB Suppressors first duty rated can. 17-4 Stainless steel, Full auto rated, built in flash hider, and engineered with the industry standard 1 3/8-24 QD mounting option in the rear of the suppressor. Right out of the box the suppressor is ready to go for any QD 1 3/8s threaded mounting options. E.I. Keymo, YHM, ASR, Plan A, and Plan B to just name a few.
To make sure the consumer can use the A-10 5.56 immediately upon form, each configuration includes a 1 3/8s flush mount. The 7.62 includes a 5/8-24 flush mount and the 5.56 includes a 1/2-28 flush mount.

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