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Gun Cleaner That Cuts Through The Thickest Carbon Build Up

ALL NEW Improved Liberal Tears, Serious Gun Care ™
NOW smells like BACON!

Guns have 2 enemies; rust and liberals.  Our CLP protects your guns against both.


The new Liberal Tears bacon scented gun oil is an extremely advanced, proprietary blended, gun lubricant that will deliver unsurpassed performance in the harshest environments. Extreme lubricity was our primary goal, and we reached it! We formulated the new Liberal Tears gun oil to outperform the current “full auto” lubricants, so we’re confident it will outperform anything you’re currently using.


The new Liberal Tears gun oil will help protect the most critical parts of your weapon system and keep you operating. Our proprietary blended oil creates a lubricant layer on the surface of the moving parts that are most critical to the proper function of your weapon. What does this mean? It means your weapon will continue to function the way it’s supposed to!


The new Liberal tears gun oil traps the carbon and debris, caused by firing your weapon, within the lubricant so it’s easily cleaned off. The strong lubricant layer, created on the surface of your weapon, will protect it against fouling and make cleaning your weapon a breeze.


Look Who Loves Liberal Tears Gun Oil

Becoming a Dealer

Liberal Tears are finally worth something.  Our dealers have a low buy in of only 50 bottles and the stuff flies off the shelf!

“The stuff was so slippery the firing pin key kept slipping out of my full auto bolt.  Never seen that shit before.”
– Manager Eagle Eye USA Range

Piss Off Obama and the Gun Grabbers

How it All Got Started

For years’ people on social media have been photographing themselves lubing their AR-15’s with homemade “Liberal Tears”. We have brought this dream to reality by Formulating our own New 2nd Generation of Liberal Tears gun oil. We partnered with one of the leading Aerospace Lubricant Labs in the country to provide us with our NEW proprietary formula. NEW Improved Liberal Tears, Serious Gun Care™. We specifically designed the Serious Gun Care™ formula to give you a true American aroma… BACON! Exercise your freedom and clean your guns with the smell that signifies more than just America, it signifies freedom! At Liberal Tears we believe there is nothing more American, and Freedom, than the smell of BACON. Would we ever amend the 2nd Amendment? Only if it said “Add Bacon!”

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